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Network Partners


Wireless Network Solutions

We are proficient in wireless network installations in both residential and business environments. Using Linksys brand wireless equipment, we combine reliability with expandability. We offer wireless routers, network cards, access points, and more!

We offer the following network products:

From 1 connection to 1000, Lyco Micro can provide you with high quality, tested network solutions. Our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee. All our network installations are customized to your specific needs whether you need Cat. 5e, Cat. 6, or Fiber Optic.

2035 Lycoming Creek Rd
Williamsport, PA 17701-1206


  • boots
  • bulk cable by the foot
  • custom made cable
  • faceplates
  • hubs
  • network cards
  • patch cables
  • power protection solutions
  • punchdown blocks
  • rackmount equipment
  • rackmount shelving
  • racks
  • RJ45 connectors
  • routers
  • switches
  • USB to Ethernet adapters
  • wire management solutions
  • wire molding
  • and much more!